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Challenges of Slovensko Digital in the sphere of digitisation of public services

The citizen and the entrepreneur want to be as interconnected as possible when interacting with the state. The concept of proactive public administration services is an ideal situation for citizens and entrepreneurs. This means that many processes take place in the background, the citizen and the entrepreneur are unaware of them and are contacted by the public administration only in situations where it is necessary. This is a paradigm shift "citizen and entrepreneur as a postman for the authorities".

 Service design of public administration services

The change in this paradigm should apply equally to the on-set real world and the digital world. It is a common phenomenon that these two worlds intersect from the point of view of the citizen and the entrepreneur. In order to unify the process and experience on the part of the citizen and the entrepreneur, it is necessary to define the service design of public administration services. Such a service design systematically describes how public services should be created. Citizens and entrepreneurs want public administration processes to be transparent, understandable, clear, they do not want services specific to individual public administration offices.

Service design should answer the questions:

- transition from traditional processes to new, proactive processes;

- “tone of voice” services, i.e. the method of communication between the public administration and the method of providing information to citizens and entrepreneurs by the public administration,

- the transition from traditional forms to digital services;

- assessing the quality of public administration services etc.

Currently there are fragments in action, but a comprehensive service design of electronic services of public administration is not available. In the coming years, this topic represents a real challenge in public administration in the Slovak Republic but also in other countries.

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