Community Challenges

Humour as a communication tool in the Healthcare system and for all people in need of joy.

CERVENY NOS Clowndoctors is an organisation that uses the art of professional clowning to bring humour and laughter to people in need of joy. Our core values are: Respect, Courage, Creativity, Responsibility, Professionalism, Authenticity, Joyfullness.


The Main Objectives of the Project are using humour and the art of clowning:

  • to promote the psychological well-being of patients, thereby contributing to improving their overall health,
  • to relieve hospitalized patients from fear, tension, and anxiety associated with their treatment and an unfamiliar environment,
  • to activate the memory of seniors and to bring them pleasure and a deep emotional experience, which encourages them to express themselves emotionally and greater
    mental and physical activity,
  • to promote imagination, creativity, talent, communication, and a taste for life of
    patients, seniors, and people who need it.
  • Spreading awareness of the positive effects of humour in providing care for patients and seniors.
  • Research and development of the use of humour in patient and senior care.
  • Educating healthcare personnel in the field of using humour in patient and senior care.

Our challenge to contribution in ENLIGHT project is to:

  • share actively mutual practical and theoretical knowledge with professional organizations experienced in this field
  • contribute to making the work of healthcare professionals and social workers more efficient
  • contribute to the education of the younger generation (medical students, nursing school students, social work students, etc.) in our field - Humour as a communication tool, positive thinking, support of health and healing processes in the healthcare system, by:
    1. the participation of our lecturers at conferences related to healthcare and well-being.
    2. organizing individual seminars and workshops for medical students or other people interested in the issue.

What is the educational seminar/workshop Humour as a communication tool in Healthcare about?

The seminar aims to offer and present humor as part of communication in the workplace. By no means is our goal to teach clown art to healthcare staff.

Humor can not only relax the atmosphere but can bring more ease to communication and ultimately also bring efficiency to work where communication is important. Whether with the patient or with colleagues in the workplace. When communicating with the patient, humor brings a greater sense of confidence and can help to relieve hospitalized patients from fear and mistrust, the trauma of hospitalization, tension, and anxiety associated with their treatment process and an unfamiliar environment. Humor, and especially particular kinds of humor, carry informative value for communicating with each other in themselves.

We specialize in the implementation of educational workshops for healthcare staff - doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, paramedics, etc.

The lecturers and experts on this topic are the artistic director of CERVENY NOS Clowndoctors and experienced healthcare clowns who have undergone training and international certification of healthcare clowns in all necessary areas within the Red Noses International group. At the same time, they have a wide range of practical experience in conducting professional seminars for healthcare staff and students.

Our lecturers, active healthcare clowns who specii3lize in the field of Humour as a communication tool in Healthcare, try to lead the seminar in a relaxed atmosphere with humor so that after the seminar, each participant can realize on their own experience how they felt, what they can take from the seminar into practice and their everyday lives. During the whole seminar, practical exercises and situations intersect with the theory of humor, its existence, types of humor in various stages of human development, etc.

We will try to help the participants to understand how humor reduces trauma and stress and thus helps the healing process and well-being. An important principle that we offer is the breakdown of routines and stereotypes, which are used in the work process and communication and very often hinder creative thinking and cooperation. It is this disruption of routine communication that we can achieve through humor. After several years of experience, the seminar also works very well as an individual mental hygiene and team-building tool. This is especially true in cases where the participants in the seminar are also colleagues from the same workplace or hospital.

Practical details

  • Hosting organization: CERVENY NOS Clowndoctors
  • Community: Bratislava
  • Focus Area: Health
  • Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Type of activity: Challenge based education