Community Challenges

e-Health Challenge Sweden - Netherlands

The four-day meeting partly consists of workplace visits and partly by group work in the Innovation House at the Dutch Embassy.

During the meeting students will work on a challenge provided by the organization, dealing with digital innovation in health and welfare. This could be provided by the embassy or by one or more corporate partners in Sweden that want to sponsor the event.


e-Health Exchange Meeting Sweden-Netherlands

Location: Innovation House – Royal Dutch Embassy Stockholm
  • Both Sweden and The Netherlands are countries that have high standards of quality in health and welfare
  • Societies and institutions in Sweden and The Netherlands face similar challenges of aging populations and delivering personalized health and welfare services to their citizens and clients
  • Digitalization is key to most innovations in society and business, and also very much in health and welfare sectors. Both countries have relevant top-level e-health experiences that are worth sharing (we need a good list of e-health topics)
Goal of project
  • Exchanging innovative practice and developing future cooperation between Netherlands and Swedish public and private partners around e-Health
  • Engaging students in developing solutions that make use of new opportunities in e-Health
Participating organisations

Dutch side

  • Royal Dutch Embassy of the Netherlands in Stockholm
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • University of Groningen, Digital Business Centre
  • Samenwerking Noord (network organization around digitalisation in North of the Netherlands) , among them sector Health and Wellfare with
  • University of Groningen, Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health
  • Interested innovative companies that are active in e-health

Swedish side

  • Public and private partners
  • Uppsala University
  • Drivhuset
  • Dutch Embassy Innovation House, Stockholm
  • 4-day event, prepared ahead by students (from both University of Groningen and Swedish University)

Preparation is to a large extend being done by students from both universities

Students will join two webinars where corporate and academic speakers will provide examples / overview on digital innovations in health and welfare

The students will visit participating organizations ahead of the meeting in Sweden and interview them according to a predefined field research format, used for reporting the findings

Students will prepare the agenda for the meeting in Stockholm, guided by academics, and plan it in cooperation with coordinator at Dutch Embassy.



- An event was held on November 25-27 at the Dutch embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. Students from Uppsala University and University of Groningen teamed up to discuss mental health issues among students. Read more about the event and see the video that documents the experience (link will take you to the website of the Dutch embassy in Stockholm)



Practical details

  • Hosting organization: Samenwerking Noord, Ministery of Economic Affairs the Netherlands, Embassy of the Netherlands in Stockholm
  • Community: Groningen
  • Focus Area: Health, Digitalisation
  • Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Type of activity: Challenge based education