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This immersive 3-day programme organised by the University of Galway will widen the professional horizons and boost networking cooperation across all levels and roles within the career services of ENLIGHT partner Universities, including management and student-facing professionals offering career guidance, employability advice, placement support, in addition to employer engagement, student engagement, information and data services, and administrative support roles.
The programme features will allow participants to develop skills and knowledge to remain up to date with the latest trends relevant to their professional work and to collaborate to share best practices from each service to enable the empowerment of students throughout their student journey and beyond as globally engaged citizens, whatever path they choose.
Peer-to-peer interactions with colleagues from ENLIGHT career services across Europe are an essential part of the programme and will enable the participants to share best practices and build a supportive network of peers.
These sessions will strengthen and deepen the initial professional relationships built and provide an excellent opportunity for new colleagues to meet their ENLIGHT counterparts.
Participants learn how to deploy learning resources and development tools to help students and graduates better their career aspirations and manage their career trajectories.
Through input from global employers, participants will develop a greater understanding of how to align the hiring needs of these hiring organisations with the profile of students and graduates.
The programme is thoughtfully divided into six modules, covering the most essential topics for career professionals:
• Career Guidance, Employability and Career Education
• Innovation & Integrating technologies in Career Services
• Placement and Integrated Work Experience
• Employer Relations & Engagement
• Student Engagement
• Supporting Erasmus and International Students

Dates and format

Training dates 10th, 11th, 12th June 2025 
Application deadline  will be published
Format and length 3 days - physical

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