The ENLIGHT learning experience

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In the framework of the European Universities initiative under the Erasmus+ programme ENLIGHT will embark on its educational mission to empower new generations of European citizens with the following actions: 

  1. Develop a common Quality Approach enabling automatic recognition of study periods across ENLIGHT.
  2. Develop and scale up international research-driven and challenge-based learning and teaching approaches to empower our students with knowledge skills
  3. Foster generic competences and global engagement among students to become adaptive change-agents
  4. Develop the structural and technical framework for inclusive, seamless and green mobility
  5. Develop models for a structural dialogue with local, European and global stakeholders.
  6. Develop a comprehensive methodology to measure impact on learners and their socio-economic environment


eui bannerThe European Universities initiative

The European Universities initiative was introduced by the European Union to create transnational alliances of higher education institutions. The European Universiteis are expected to strengthen the quality and international competitiveness of European higher education and to achieve a quantum leap in cooperation between higher education institutions from all regions in Europe. 



In the framework of H2020 Science with and for Society additional funds were granted for our project ENLIGHT 'RISE' to develop a joint competitive ENLIGHT research and innovation agenda and to achieve achieve a quantum leap in co-creating research and innovation with and for society.