Community Challenges

The value of a de-centralised energy system (through energy communities)

Gotland is aiming for a decentralised, resilient and smart energy system, based on renewable energy sources. Local energy communities, as local energy cooperatives in active interaction with end-users, are expected to play an active role in the desired the energy system transition. 

These energy communities may typically exist in local communities, at the countryside on Gotland, where citizens unite in creating common energy platforms. The challenge we would like to put forward is to simulate the potential advantages with a decentralised energy system and through that show also how the parties involved, primarily investors in decentralised solutions (energy communities) and DSOs, can develop mutually beneficial business models. In short, we wish to illustrate the values of flexibility in a regional distribution net (like Gotland).


Challenge related activities

    Practical Details

    Hosting organization: Energicentrum Gotland, as part of Region Gotland.
    Community: Uppsala / Visby
    Focus Area: Climate Change, Energy transition & Circular Economy
    Type of activity: Challenge based education, Thesis/Graduation Project, Research projects
    Tags: Climate Change, Energy