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Flagship Domains

Health challenges and opportunities

Key themes: Aging population, brain and mental health, impact of environmental exposures, inequalities in healthcare access, opportunities for future cities through precision medicine and public health.

The role of AI in shaping sustainable cities and communities

Key themes: Digital simulation to support decision-making, AI for good concept, AI and health, AI and sustainable society.

Impact of climate change on regional ecosystems

Key themes: Climate change and land use, climate change and urban development, climate-friendly materials, sustainable housing, relationships between cities and surrounding rural areas, impact of climate change on socio-ecosystems.

Energy and circular economy

Key themes: Energy conversion and transition, energy-sparing materials, technology for urban resource recovery, water and waste.

Culture and Creativity

Key themes: Culturally-informed sustainable development, cultural diversity, heritage, social cohesion, and cross-cultural understanding

Inequalities, socio-spatial polarization, and diversity

Key themes: Urban development in marginalized areas, housing crisis, polarized societies, gender mainstreaming, access and equity in future cities for long-term sustainability and resilience, sustainable heritage, migrations and refugees, impact of migratory flow on public services.

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