European Dialogues

European Dialogue 2023: Digital Innovation in Health & Well-being

The 2nd European Dialogue was hosted by the Universityof Galway on 23-25 May 2023 around the theme Digital Innovation in Health and Well-being. Galway is one of Europe’s premier MedTech hubs and University of Galway is at the heart of this ecosystem. The European Dialogue 2023 created opportunities for open and collaborative engagement and learning among different stakeholders - universities, industry and healthcare professionals.

ENLIGHT European Dialogue 2022: Sustainable Cities and Communities

The 1st ENLIGHT European Dialogue took place at Uppsala University on 11-12 May 2022 around the main theme Sustainable Urban Development and closely linked to SDG 11 ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’.  The event brought together ENLIGHT external partners, academics, students and project related staff from the nine ENLIGHT regions to reflect on novel approaches to the pressing challenges facing our European regions.

About the ENLIGHT European Dialogues

Every year ENLIGHT organizes an European Dialogue where teachers and researchers of ENLIGHT universities are brought together with stakeholders from all our regional communities around a central theme to elaborate on local challenges and develop new courses or research projects. 

The central theme of the 1st on-site Europen Dialogue in 2022 was Sustainable Cities and Communities. The theme of the European Dialogue 2023 was Digital Innovation in Health & Well-being. 

In 2021 two online European Dialogues focused on connecting representatives from our cities and regions. These sessions are available via our ENLIGHT Youtube-channel.

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