Public Engagement

Public engagement at ENLIGHT

One of the main objective of our Alliance is to foster genuine engagement of civil society actors (e.g., citizens, civil society organizations, communities, municipalities) in ENLIGHT research and innovation activities from setting research agendas to executing the research, analyzing, and interpreting findings, discussing follow-up and creating impact, thus co-creating knowledge.

Public Engagement Activities

The members of our alliance organise a myriad of activities in public engagement.

Public Engagement Structures

PE structures and activities among our Alliance include specific organizational units that have a continuous responsibility for public engagement.

Past and Upcoming Public Engagement Webinars

All the webinars on public engagement will be published on YouTube. You can find them also on this page. 

Upcoming webinars

ENLIGHT-Public Engagement webinar 7: Engaging with the cultural sector 

Thursday 16 May 2024, 12.30 - 13.30pm (CET)


Yorick Karseboom (Knowledge Center Philosophy) and Vincent Hazelhoff (Science Shop Language, Communication and Culture) of the University of Groningen will speak about their engaged learning projects with the cultural sector. They have collaborated in collaborative research and student projects with e.g. theatres, music venues, and festivals (e.g. on inclusivity), and small museums; in courses such as “philosophy outside the walls”, “practice labs”, “living heritage atelier” and through hackathons, internships, and projects.

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We invite you to subscribe to an open mailing list, which will be used to share news and events (e.g., webinars we will be organizing) regarding Public Engagement within ENLIGHT and beyond, as well as it will be an open forum where you and your colleagues can discuss dilemmas and best practices regarding Public Engagement.