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Get Galway Moving Smarter


Transportation policy is a very important strand to our work at Galway Chamber.
Galway has prolific transport problems which are linked to the geography of the city, its historical element and lack of attractive options other than the car.
But economically the problem of congestion is very costly for our city and our members therefore it is critical that the chamber works to support local stakeholders in whatever way we can to significantly improve the sustainability and efficiency of the transport network in #OurGalway.

Traffic is not an issue that someone else can sort out, it is a community effort…. and Galway.

Chamber is pleased to be a part of it!

Our challenge is ‘Get Galway Moving Smarter’.

In order to achieve this, the citizens of Galway need to embrace Smart Mobility. Smart Mobility can take on many different forms, including car-sharing, public transportation, walking, biking, and more. Smart Mobility will feed into Galway progressing as a Smart City.
For Smart Mobility to be adopted by the public, it must be:

  1. Flexible - Multiple modes of transportation allow travellers to choose which ones work best for a given situation.
  2. Efficient: The trip gets the traveller to their destination with minimal disruption and in as little time as possible.
  3. Integrated: The full route is planned door-to-door, regardless of which modes of transportation are used.

At the moment, Galway has no central repository of information for all modes of transport relating to travelling in and out of the city. By having the information readily available and easy accessible in one application this would allow the public to make better informed decisions when it comes to choosing their mode of transportation and allow them to efficiently plan their commute. This will allow us to optimise the way we use our city and move around our city. It will also help drive a modal shift from private vehicle use to public transport and cycling/ walking.
Commuters need the following information readily available:

  • Cyclists – Available bike parking in the city. Safest cycling routes into the city from various locations.
  • Bus users – need real-time bus information. Info on the various routes to plan journey.
  • Car users – info on car park space availability

Cyclists require information on the safer and quieter cycling routes in Galway. This ‘shared data’ to identify cycling routes in the city could also be used by City officials to identify areas for route development and upgrade across the city.
They also need information on the various locations for bike parking in the city.

Bus Users

Bus users need real time information at bus stop level and a route planner. This will:

  • Increase the reliability and availability of travel information.
  • Make this information accessible to more people.
  • Increase the number of public transport passengers.

In order to achieve this, new data sources need to be implemented, such as a new passenger counting system and the use of WIFI technology for determining the location of vehicles.

Car Users

The time spent searching for free parking spaces can produce considerable environmental pollution. Information on parking availability can be a powerful instrument for reducing these search costs. Car Park real-time information is only accessible on electronic message boards when in the city already. If this information was made available in advance of commute into the city centre, it would allow the commuter to choose another mode of transport (i.e. if the City was particularly busy and sparse parking was available.)

‘Get Galway Moving Smarter’ is critical to realising the future potential of our city! It is a vital enabler, not just for sustainable mobility, but for sustaining and growing the local economy.

    Practical Details

    Hosting organization: Galway Chamber
    Community: Galway
    Focus Area: Digitalisation
    Type of activity: Challenge based education, Thesis/Graduation Project, Research projects
    Tags: Digitalisation