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ENLIGHT Impact Training Empowers Research Support Officers

On 22 and 23 May, the ENLIGHT RISE initiative kicked off its first-ever Research Impact Training, specially designed for Research Support Officers (RSOs) from ENLIGHT partner universities. This new programme aims to help RSOs better understand research impact and build the skills they need to support researchers to make a real difference in our society.

This training fits right into our goal of creating a culture focused on making an impact. By raising awareness and providing the right tools, the programme is set to help RSOs tackle the challenges of research impact, especially when it comes to Horizon Europe project proposals.

Key Goals and Highlights

The training covered five main areas:

  1. Understanding Research Impact
    Igor Campillo and Glória Nunes Rodrigues (UPV/EHU) explained the basics of what research impact is all about.
  2. Understanding the Institutional Impact Context
    Esther de Smet from Ghent University talked about how institutions shape and influence research impact.
  3. Understanding the Impact Journey and Process
    Áine Mhic Thaidhg from University of Galway walked participants through the steps to create impactful research.
  4. Providing Knowledge and Tools for Impact Assessment
    Sarah Morton from Matter of Focus shared practical tools and methods to measure research impact.
  5. Drafting a Horizon Europe Impact Section
    Jakob Kuhs and Tobias Hermans from Ghent University gave tips on how to write strong impact sections for Horizon Europe proposals.

Engaging Sessions and Active Participation

The training had a great turnout, with 15 people attending in person and 20 joining online, showing a strong interest and need for this kind of program within the ENLIGHT network.

Over the two days, participants got involved in interactive sessions, group discussions, and hands-on activities. The in-person sessions in Ghent offered a rich experience, along with social events that helped RSOs network and collaborate.

2024 Impact training Research Support Officers

Looking Ahead

For those who could not make it, we offer plenty of online resources and training materials available on the platform: ENLIGHT Impact Training Resources.

This first Research Impact Training by ENLIGHT is a big step towards giving Research Support Officers the skills and knowledge to drive impactful research. By continuing to invest in these programs, ENLIGHT shows its commitment to promoting research that not only advances academic knowledge but also generates tangible benefits for our society.

Stay tuned for more training sessions and initiatives that will keep building on this foundation, creating a lively and impact-driven research culture across ENLIGHT universities!


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