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ENLIGHT Open Science Award Ceremony 2023: registration open

The ENLIGHT Open Science Award will be awarded for the first time. We have received several applications, which shows the high ongoing Open Science activity within the ENLIGHT network. Two Open Science initiatives will be awarded on 25 April 2023. 

The ceremony is part of the ENLIGHT Open Science-Ambassador Webinar, our ambassador Jon Zarate from University of the Basque Country will give a presentation. The winners of the Open Science award will showcase their projects as a part of the award ceremony. We are looking forward to an inspiring event!

Date: 25 April 2023 (1pm-2pm)

Registration link:


13:00 Welcome 

13:10-13:30 Presentation by Open Science Ambassador, Jon Zarate: “Multilingualism as a key challenge for Open Science and Research Assessment”

13:30-14:00 Award ceremony with 10 min. presentations of the winning projects:

  1. Aswathi Surendran (represented by her team Cassandra Murphy and Nina Trubanová): “AGAPE - Building an Open Science practicing community for early career researchers”
  2. Juan Armando Torres Munguia: "A global dataset of pandemic- and epidemic-prone disease outbreaks"


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