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Hybrid roundtable: "What Role Does Thesis Writing Play in the AI Era" - 3 May 2024

We kindly invite everyone to participate in a discussion by Ghent University and the University of Tartu on the evolving role of thesis writing in the age of artificial intelligence. During the discussion, we will explore critical questions including the fundamental purpose of thesis writing, how the use of generative AI impacts equity, and the importance of transparency regarding AI utilization by students. Join us as we delve into these timely issues, seeking to understand and navigate the intersection of traditional academic practices and cutting-edge technology.

This hybrid roundtable discussion is part of a bilateral visit of Ghent University to the University of Tartu, in which study programmes and central administration working groups exchange on topics such as stepping stones for internationalization and explore opportunities for collaboration. 

Theme: "What Role Does Thesis Writing Play in the AI Era"

Date: 3 May 2024 (Friday)
Time: 9.30 -11.30 (CEST) and 10.30-12.30 (EET)
Online participants: Zoom link -

Presentations by experts from Ghent University and the University of Tartu, followed by the discussion involving panelists from both universities. 

„Writing to Learn with and/or without Generative AI“ by Ilona Tragel, associate professor of General Linguistics (UTartu)
“Future-proofing the Master's Thesis: “Policy and Guidelines for Generative AI Use at Ghent University“ by Mit Leuridan, policy officer and researcher (UGent)

Follow-up discussion attended by:
Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij, professor, Director of Education (UGent)
Bertel De Groote, professor (UGent)
Ilona Tragel, associate professor of general linguistics (UTartu)
Helen Hint, lecturer in academic literacy, (UTartu)
Kristjan-Julius Laak, junior research fellow (UTartu)
Marten Juurik, junior research fellow (UTartu)

The discussion will be moderated by Aune Valk, Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs (UTartu)

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