Rodrigo Agerri

Affiliation: HiTZ Center – Ixa, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU

Position: Ramon y Cajal Research Fellow
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My engagement with/interest in Open Science:
I am a Ramon y Cajal Research Fellow at the IXA Group, HiTZ centre of the UPV/EHU. PhD in Computer Science at City, University of London (2007). I have been working on Natural Language Processing in UK and Spain, including a two year stint at the industry as research project director. Involved in more than 20 research projects funded by the European Commission, UK research councils, and the Spanish Ministry of Science. I have been PI of various European and national projects. Currently my research is focused on information extraction, language models and text generation, topics on which he has published more than 60 peer-reviewed papers. Creator and main developer of IXA pipes (, a set of freely available ready to use multilingual tools for linguistic processing. PMC and committer in the OpenNLP project of the Apache Software Foundation. I teach Natural Language Processing both at undergradute and master/doctoral levels, including a successful international online course on “Introduction to Language Technology Applications” ( I have been supervisor of a PhD thesis and currently I am (co-)supervising 7 doctoral and 6 master students.
My interest in Open Science can be summarized as follows: Nowadays Artificial Intelligence algorithms and models are in the hands of a very few large technological coporations. We in our group have always advocate the free and public acccess to AI technology so that it can be both monitorized and be benificial to society in general. In fact, we are currently promoting the development of large AI language models that are made freely available to developers and the society in general.


Keywords research discipline:
Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence



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