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The ENLIGHT Calls for Spring 2024 are coming! Prepare your application with 5 tips!

With ENLIGHT we are shifting up a gear. In order to encourage cooperation between staff and students of our universities, ENLIGHT launches a first set of calls for joint initiatives. Read more about how you can prepare!

As of 1 April 2024, three calls will be launched: the ENLIGHT Incubator Grants, ENLIGHT Thematic Networks and ENLIGHT+. Each call targets specific types of actions.

The calls are open for teachers, researchers, students and professional staff members from all disciplines who are interested in setting up collaborative initiatives with peers from other ENLIGHT universities. Activities should be in line with the objectives and mission of ENLIGHT.

How to get started?

5 Tips to prepare for the ENLIGHT Calls

1. Determine which call suits your initiative best

As from 1 April 2024, three different calls will be launched. 

  • Call for ENLIGHT Incubator Grants: support joint future-proof education projects and stepping-stones for international learning across the six ENLIGHT focus areas (deadline: 30 June 2024)
  • Call for ENLIGHT Thematic Networks: support interdisciplinary academic networks for developing joint challenge-based activities linking education, research and outreach across the six ENLIGHT focus areas (deadline: 30 June 2024, 10 projects)
  • ENLIGHT+ call: foster new emerging joint (small-scale, inclusive and/or sustainable) initiatives across disciplines (3 deadlines per year: 31/05, 30/09, 31/01)

Full details for each call will be available from 1 April onwards via the funding page on the website

The calls will be repeated in 2025. 

2. Identify ENLIGHT partners for your initiative

Minimum 3 partners are required for joint initiatives, except for virtual exchange/COIL.

You can search for partners in various ways. You can use the Partner Search tool on the ENLIGHT website or consult the research expertise of the partners via the ENLIGHT R&I Observatory.

You can also contact your institutional ENLIGHT coordinator if you need support at this stage.

3. Consider the budget needed for your initiative

  • ENLIGHT Thematic Networks: maximum available budget per network is 150.000 € distributed among the network partners.
  • ENLIGHT Incubator Grants: maximum available budget per initiative is 30.000 € distributed among the project partners.
  • ENLIGHT+: budget depends on each university (university funds).

4. Outline your concrete plans: consider quality, feasibility, output, and added value.

5. Stay informed about the launch of the calls

Through ENLIGHT communication channels: ENLIGHT funding pageENLIGHT funding page, the newsletter, and our social media (X, LinkedIn, Instagram).



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