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The ENLIGHT R&I Prize is an annual award intended to provide additional support to a promising project or project proposal jointly conducted by early career researchers from different (minimum 2) ENLIGHT consortium partners and focusing on one of the five ENLIGHT flagship domains. 

The prize consists of a mobility award of up to € 5,000.- for participation in conferences, workshops or training programs that can strengthen the required capacity within the project team.

The aim of the prize is not only to further stimulate or support the development stage or further elaboration of joint research collaborations between ENLIGHT partners, but to also support ENLIGHT early career researchers in expanding their network.

Therefore, not only running research collaborations are eligible though evenly so are newly created joint research teams preparing e.g. the initiation, design and/or development of one (or more) joint research proposals to be submitted to regional, national or international funding agencies including the Horizon Europe framework programme, etc. 

The ENLIGHT R&I Prize is strongly linked to the ENLIGHT R&I ECR Mobility Award. Moreover, the prize winner will be selected amongst the ENLIGHT R&I ECR Mobility Awardees. Project teams can thus not directly apply for the ENLIGHT R&I Prize but will be considered for this seed funding initiative through their selection for the ENLIGHT R&I ECR Mobility Award and the acceptance of their report (illustrating the progress of the idea/concept/project since the awarding of the ENLIGHT R&I ECR Mobility Award). 

A selection commission composed of experts on the ENLIGHT flagship domains (nominated by the ENLIGHT RISE pilot focus groups) and one (1) task member per ENLIGHT-RISE WP2 co-lead partner university will pre-select the winner amongst the eligible ENLIGHT R&I ECR Mobility Awardees, to be confirmed by the ENLIGHT RISE WP2 assembly.

In line with the funding scheme of the Horizon H2020 SwafS ENLIGHT RISE programme, one ENLIGHT R&I Prize winner will be selected in September 2023, and another one in May 2024. The selection will be based on the received (progress) reports of the ENLIGHT R&I ECR Mobility awardees by the date of selection.

The prize winners will need to use the € 5,000.- mobility award prior to 31/8/2024. 

Only the mobility costs (travel and subsistence) and/or the inscription fees for a workshop, conference or training of the winning project's team members fitting the ECR description as stated in the ENLIGHT R&I ECR Mobility Award call are eligible for funding. Alike the ENLIGHT R&I ECR Mobility Award, prize winners’ travel bookings, subsistence costs, and reimbursement of proven expenditures will need to be in accordance with the University of Bordeaux’s administration regulations, requirements, and travel guidelines.



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