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Support kit for researchers for building collaborative ENLIGHT research proposals

The R&I SG has prepared a support kit for researchers to assist them in building their collaborative research proposals. This tool is aimed at being meaningful and useful for the researchers of the nine ENLIGHT universities by introducing them to ENLIGHT and enabling them to start and develop research collaborations within the ENLIGHT alliance.

A panel of researchers was constituted to have an exchange of views on the content and aspects that the toolkit should address to make it a useful tool for the researchers’ community. To this end, WP1 coleaders met a group of nine researchers (one researcher per ENLIGHT member) on the 17th of November 2022. The panel gathered both Early and Experienced Career Researchers, with experience and no experience in ENLIGHT. Researchers welcomed the creation of a toolkit that will enable them to develop research projects within ENLIGHT and that will include an explanation of the different research support bodies, how they interact among themselves, and a description of the research tools and mechanisms that ENLIGHT RISE put at their service.

Thanks to this toolkit, researchers will access information on the Research Support Bodies the ENLIGHT RISE offers to their researchers; research mechanisms and tools that ENLIGHT RISE makes available for their researchers to foster collaboration among themselves; and finally, an overview of the existing documents that will help researchers to prepare a good research and innovation proposal.

The toolkit is available here.

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