Public Engagement

Public engagement at ENLIGHT

One of the main objective of our Alliance is to foster genuine engagement of civil society actors (e.g., citizens, civil society organizations, communities, municipalities) in ENLIGHT research and innovation activities from setting research agendas to executing the research, analyzing, and interpreting findings, discussing follow-up and creating impact, thus co-creating knowledge.

Public Engagement Activities

The members of our alliance organise a myriad of activities in public engagement.

Public Engagement Structures

PE structures and activities among our Alliance include specific organizational units that have a continuous responsibility for public engagement.

Past and Upcoming Public Engagement Webinars

All the webinars on public engagement will be published on YouTube. You can find them also on this page. 

Past webinars

ENLIGHT-Public Engagement webinar 6: The set-up of a workshop on social media use for researchers

In this webinar, Larissa van der Wal of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) explains the layout of the workshop on Social Media Use for Researchers that she and her colleagues are giving. This workshop is given face-to-face and lasts about 90 minutes. In this webinar, she will discuss the content of the workshop and some experiences. Please note that this is NOT a webinar for researchers interested in social media use; the webinar intends to help public engagement staff/trainers/teachers to build a similar workshop, tailored to their own institute/country context.


ENLIGHT-Public Engagement Webinar 5: Impact in Academia

In this webinar, tjhe representatives of ENLIGHT Impact Task Force will introduce the concept of impact: What is impact? What is not impact? What is impact assessment? And what is the link with societal engagement? They also present the ENLIGHT methodology for the impact assessment of university activities and discuss with participants how to embed an impact-driven culture at ENLIGHT universities and beyond. 


ENLIGHT-Public Engagement Webinar 4: Citizen Science at Universities

Together with the participants, Dr. Mohammad Gharesifard (professor of Citizen Science at University of Groningen) and Niels Alberts, MSc (involved in Curious -Citizen Science Projects at University of Groningen), examine the possibilities of fostering citizen science across different  groups/institutes/faculties at your university. During this workshop we are exploring key questions such as: How to make sure we are aware of past, ongoing and planned research and education activities on citizen science? What resources or opportunities already exist that can be utilized? What is needed to foster collaborations across different groups/institutes/faculties?


ENLIGHT-Public Engagement Webinar 3: Service-Learning/Community-Based Learning & Migration

Dr. Lorraine Tansey outlines how the Community Knowledge Initiative (CKI) at the University of Galway collaborates with community partners for teaching and learning opportunities. The CKI connects academics with non-profit sector partners to enhance students’ understandings of their discipline in response to civic and community issues. The CKI co-founded the national Irish higher education network for civic engagement Campus Engage. This webinar focuses on current academic modules that connect students with migrant rights groups across Galway city in order to build understanding of diversity and inclusion.


ENLIGHT-Public Engagement Webinar 2: Impact of Science Communication 

Dr. Anne Land of Leiden University answered the questions on evaluation and measuring impact of your science communication. Anne has been one of the key persons creating the evaluation materials available from Impact Lab


ENLIGHT-Public Engagement Webinar 1: Science Shops 

Dr. Henk Mulder explained how the Science Shops at University of Groningen are operating. Science Shops are the offices that broker research requests from the non profit sector to students and staff, and in that way facilitate co-production of knowledge (consultancy-type citizen science). The University of Groningen has 5 Science Shops in different faculties (since 1979), and collaborates in a 6th Science Shop with another University and the Municipality. Dr. Mulder has been working for the Science Shop since 1989 and is co-founder of Living Knowledge, the international Science Shop Network.


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