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Summer school: Identity and contested memory construction of migrant/diasporic communities in the Mediterranean

This 5-day summer school aims to provide innovative strategies to address the current dimensions of inequity in the Mediterranean. It will focus on research in the spheres of urban vs. rural social realities such as linguistic and cultural expressions, unequal laws for women in religiously based/influenced legal systems, and the movement of people – migration and intercultural contact as a timeless phenomenon.

We invite students (M.A. and PhD level) of various disciplines: Sociology, Cultural & Social Anthropology, Law, Political Science, Language and Literary Studies, Area Studies, History etc.

Students should apply with their full name and email-address, faculty and subject of study as well as a short motivational statement. The statement should include why they are interested in the topic and why they want to participate in the summer school (300 words max.). Students who wish to present or discuss a current project/thesis related to the topic of the summer school are encouraged to do so and should indicate this in their statement (this is not a requirement for their application).

Please apply by 30 June to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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