Assessments and Deliverables

"The proof is in the pudding"

Deliverables and Assessments are a critical part of the entire learning process in Challenge-based Education and also inturn heavily influence the way students learn. Deliverables are modes by which students document their learning progress and are therefore, woven into the instructional strategy. In extension, assessments too need to be constructively aligned to the teaching activities.

First, we take a look at what kind of assessments are suited for Challenge-based Education. As in all teaching and learning initiatives, assessments for CBE should be authentic and evidence-based, that evaluate the student at an individual but also at the group level. Evaluating students at the group level is especially important since students develop their solutions collaboratively, in teams.

Assessments for a Challenge-based Education course can take place in both formative and summative forms. With the goal of monitoring student learning and providing feedback to help further mould the learning process for students, formative assessments are undertaken during course activities.

This helps students reflect, ideate and course-correct their actions during their learning journey. Formative assessments can take place as papers, quizzes, examinations, journals, peer reviews, teacher observations, student-teacher conferences, interim work reviews among others.

On the other hand, summative assessments too hold their own within Challenge-based Education and are held with the goal of evaluating student learning at the end of an instructional unit.

For example, summative assessments in CBE can take the form of final papers or jury presentations. In the spirit of involving external stakeholders, these presentations can also be assessed by specialists who are domain experts or individuals/groups who benefit directly from proposed solution.

Additionally, educators can employ the use of certain “deliverables” that not only enhance the learning experience but as well can be a complement to the assessment strategy of the course.

Some of these include: