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ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Conference 2023

The 2023 Teaching and Learning Conference took place from 11 - 13 October in Bordeaux. The central theme ‘Empowering students for tomorrow’ brought over 200 students, teachers and educational developers together to share and discuss innovative forms of teaching.

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Overview of the programme

Keynote by Prof. Gesche Kindermann: “Empowering Students – Student-Centred Sustainability at the University of Galway”


Prof. Gesche Kindermann is the Director of the MSc Environmental Leadership and the Academic Coordinator for the MSc in Biodiversity and Land Use Planning, University of Galway. Gesche Kindermann also lectures a course on the MSc in Sustainable Resource Management and the BSc in Environmental Science in the Applied Ecology Unit. She was a researcher in the ‘Nature and Environment to Attain and Restore’ (NEAR) Health Project that aims to connect people with blue and green nature spaces.

Her keynote addressed the University of Galway's overall approach to sustainability and focused on student empowerment within this approach, following the ‘Learn-Live-Lead’ model of the University of Galway has implemented. The full keynote can be viewed here.


Keynote by Prof. Robert Coelen: “Empowering Students of HE with Diversity”


Robert Coelen, Professor Emeritus is Director of the Centre for Internationalisation of Education at the University of Groningen. He has worked for about 20 years in the field of international education and returned to work in Europe after 30 years mainly in Australia. He was a researcher and academic for most of that time and finally as Director International at two universities in Queensland. Apart from other achievements, he has created the Centre for Internationalisation of Education, a collaboration between the University of Groningen, Faculty Campus Fryslân and Stenden University of Applied Sciences.

The full keynote can be found here.



Look back at the Awards Ceremony here!


The Global Citizenship Award

The Global Citizenship Award is a recognition of engagement of student-led projects on sustainability on university campuses. The winners were selected after their engagement in the Global Dialogues in which students presented their projects and discussed opportunities to manage sustainability projects. They were celebrated during the traditional Awards Ceremony.

The awards were for: Glassary Initiative by students from the University of Galway, Concordia Precious Plastic Project (CP3) by students from Concordia University, Waste for Taste by students from Uppsala University and Sustainability Summer Schools by students from Ghent University.

Check out our ENLIGHT Youtube channel for all the Global Dialogue contributions and the full online sessions.


Teaching and Learning Awards 2023

The Teaching & Learning Award is presented annually to the best course of 2023. This year the nominated teaching teams had to present a poster and pitch their course to an all-student jury.

This year’s awards were given to:

1. Virtual Exchange for Global Education in Foreign Language Teaching - Fabian Krengel and team, University of Gottingen

“This project is a passion project of mine – not only because it’s my PhD project. It was conceptualized based on the conviction that I, as an educator of a language as global as English, am responsible to empower my student teachers to empower their students to participate in complex global discourses. ”

The jury: “We highly appreciated how this project innovates on teaching soft skills & debating social issues by leveraging a common language to bring forth multiculturalism and cultural identities.” Course description: https://rb.gy/cmdk

2. Start100 - Dr. Natalie Walsh and team, University of Galway

3. Democratic Innovations - Benjamin Leruth and Leonie De Jonge, University of Groningen


Save the date!

The next T&L Conference will be hosted by the University of Tartu, from 7-9 October 2024. We hope to see many more of you there. Save the date!

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