Teaching and Learning Conference

About the Teaching and Learning Conference

In support of the educational goals of ENLIGHT, the Teaching and Learning Conference annually convenes teachers, program administrators, educational developers, students and other stakeholders in order to provide teachers with know-how on innovative student-centered and research-oriented learning approaches and other aspects of teaching. Best practices will be highlighted on the Teaching and Learning Lab and gain visibility through the ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Awards.

 Furthermore, the conference will broadly include the following activities:

  • Share, discuss, and celebrate effective and/or innovative teaching practices that are being realised at the different partner institutions.  
  • Co-create in-network educational programs, courses, and other related initiatives specific to innovative teaching across ENLIGHT universities.  
  • Build collective knowledge specifically related to the goals of ENLIGHT

As core event to share ideas and discuss our various teaching and learning practices, this ENLIGHT conference series will be one fundamental element to build a joint knowledge base within our network.

Target Groups for the Conference 

  • ENLIGHT Teachers: academics, pedagogic leaders, program coordinators, and researchers, with particular emphasis on those designing educational courses and programmes.  
  • ENLIGHT Students: The ENLIGHT conference strives to include students as presenters, attendees, or both, in order to balance viewpoints between teaching and learning counterparts and stimulate a constructive dialogue.  
  • ENLIGHT Educational developers: those responsible for disseminating teaching practice in their own universities will benefit from, and add significant value to, this event.  
  • ENLIGHT Administrative staff: for instance staff from International Offices, IT departments, library personnel, etc.  

Teaching and Learning Awards

The Teaching and Learning Conference forms the setting for the ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Awards, which recognize a course or programme that has implemented innovative, international pedagogical approaches and/or learning practices related to the ENLIGHT educational aims. The criteria for the award are determined yearly by the ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Conference and Awards Governance Board.

The nominees are technically ''courses'' rather than individuals so an entire teaching team of one course, for example, could be nominated. The eventual winner will be known as “ENLIGHT's Course/Programme of the Year''. 

By highlighting these award nominees and winner in presentations, awards ceremonies, conference marketing, and post-conference output, the aim is to more widely spread the best teaching practices within the ENLIGHT network in addition to showing sincere gratitude for those putting extra effort into education they provide. 

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