Impact at ENLIGHT

Impact is at the core of the mission of ENLIGHT and, as such, one of its main objectives is to promote an impact-based culture within ENLIGHT universities, including the promotion of a model of good practice of impact-directed management and the integration of impact across Higher Education, Research and Innovation activities.

For that purpose, ENLIGHT research impact team has developed a repository of international good practices on research impact assessment and measurement; it has also launched the call for Impact Awards to recognise and give visibility to research endeavours at ENLIGHT universities that are exemplars in planning for and achieving impact and nominated the ENLIGHT Impact Ambassadors; it has also co-organised the ENLIGHT Impact Conference on 30-31 March 2023; and has launched an ENLIGHT toolkit for the self-assessment of research impact awareness, literacy and readiness.

ENLIGHT Repository of Good Practices on Research Impact

The repository of international good practices on research impact assessment and measurement aims at bringing together in a single place good practices of impact assessment and measurement, both in the context of ENLIGHT Universities and worldwide.

International leading experts discuss the Impact of Higher Education at the ENLIGHT Impact Conference (Bilbao, 29-31 March)

Organised by the University of the Basque Country on 30-31 March 2023, the first ENLIGHT Impact Conference brought together 150 international experts from all over Europe to exchange and discuss approaches for impact assessment and for embedding impact within universities’ full spectrum of activities, being in education, in research, in innovation or in societal engagement related activities.

Is your university impact ready? Check it out at the ENLIGHT Toolkit for Self-Assessment of Universities Research Impact Awareness, Literacy and Readiness

The ENLIGHT toolkit for the self-assessment of research impact awareness, literacy and readiness is a self-reflection tool designed for universities who wish to explore at an institutional level their research impact potential. 

ENLIGHT Impact Awards

Is your research exemplar in planning for and achieving impact?