Regional Academies

Regional Academies

The Regional Academies connect ENLIGHT to local and regional actors within each partner university’s communities. The Regional Academies provide a forum for identifying local variations of the ENLIGHT Flagship Domains. Local challenges then serve as the basis for a number of outcomes such as new challenge based courses in a living lab model, opportunities for students to do their thesis projects or as start-up projects for research and innovation.

The Regional Academies from the ENLIGHT communities will also meet regularly connecting community representatives across the alliance to each other and to researchers from the ENLIGHT universities in the European Dialogues.

In the first year of ENLIGHT primary sources for challenges are public entities located in the ENLIGHT-communities. As ENLIGHT expands the origin of challenges will have a greater variation.


ENLIGHT Challenge Database

Presented challenges are published in the ENLIGHT Challenge Database. Challenges can be sorted in a number of ways to make it easy for

  • students to identify an opportunity for a thesis project.
  • teachers to identify challenges that can be used in Living Lab style courses.
  • researchers to connect with external partners to initiate research projects.

If you wish to get in contact with the originator of the challenge please use the assigned contact e-mail published in each challenge.

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