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University of Tartu launches Centre for Sustainable Development

The University of Tartu Centre for Sustainable Development develops interdisciplinary cooperation on sustainable development. The aim is to analyse societal challenges, using concepts and methods from different disciplines and seeking common understanding.

The key issues of sustainable development include the need to change complex societal, cultural, ecological and technological systems. For example, integrated spatial planning or a just transition in Ida-Viru county cannot be understood or solved within a single discipline only. These issues are addressed comprehensively through collaboration between the university’s four faculties, the museums and students, and through research and teaching. 

The Centre aims to:

  • initiate and implement new multidisciplinary research and development projects on sustainable development.
  • be partners for public and private sectors in policy-making, innovation and development, providing applied research and good advice.
  • support the development of courses and curricula on sustainable development.
  • promote international cooperation. 
  • encourage public debate.
  • advise on designing a sustainable campus and organisation. 

The Centre was established in November 2022 as a consortium joining the university’s academic faculties: the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Social Sciences. The consortium’s founding members are also the University of Tartu Museum, the University of Tartu Natural History Museum and the Botanical Garden.

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